How to clean the bamboo flooring?

bamboo-182094_1280If something like a flooring trend exists, the bamboo is the newest and most up to date one. The reasons are many and the real advantages of it as well. The first and the main one is the fact that in difference with the hardwood flooring, it is made from bamboo plant, which is a highly renewable source. And this makes that kind of floors more environmental friendly, simply because cutting trees is one of the biggest crimes and everything that can be used like as a substitute is warmly welcomed. However, it is not only the fact that it is eco, but these days the majority of the people prefer having natural flooring at home as well and as this one has almost the same price as the hardwood flooring, it can be seen in more and more homes. But the question now is how should you maintain it, so that it may look nice and be in a better condition for a little bit longer? And do not be deluded and be aware of the fact that it needs some special care and you need to know how you should clean it. So take a look at these simple tips. 

Remove the dust and the dirt frequently

Especially if you and your guest go in your flat or house with shoes on the feet, there might be some little dirt particles that cannot be noticed so easily, but in reality may scratch the surface and damage it for good. So make sure that you will remove the dust and the dirt on a regular basis, which means twice or thrice a week. You can vacuum-clean it, but you have to be sure that thus you won’t spoil the bamboo as well. The best way is the simple microfiber mopping. And because this solution is super easy, you can actually perform this kind of clean-up every day.

The maintenance

And as we all know that the dust removal is a superficial cleaning only and is completely not enough, you have to find the right detergent. The good news is that in most of the cases the hardwood care detergent will work perfectly for the bamboo flooring as well and you should only choose a non-abrasive one. The cleaning products that are something like a wood wax are completely not suitable for this clean-up, so don’t buy one of those. And if you don’t have this kind of detergent or you simply prefer the natural cleaning solutions, you may use the holy white vinegar. Mix some of it with warm water and then clean carefully and precisely. Many people could tell you that bamboo flooring is more water resistant and the water could not damage its overall appearance that much and they will be completely right, but you better not overdo and be careful while using water. In the end of every cleaning, always go through the whole surface with a simple rag. And thus the result would be awesome.