How to: cleaning the chair’s fabric  

BlueRoombellangeDo you have an armchair at home? Or a cozy dining chair with a lovely cover that cannot be removed and washed? Or a perfect old rocking chair with cushions which you bought two years ago from a cute antique market? I believe you have at least one of these that makes your house more homey and your sitting more comfortable. But there is unfortunately one little (or not) detail that annoys you and it is long odds that someone is going to spill something on the delightful fabrics and you will have that kind of tense situation when you first panic, then go mad and don’t really do something, but stay and desperately watch the dying of the flawlessness of one of these chairs. But in fact this all is not beyond repair, and if you know how to perform the clean-up, you will have your favorite chair like brand new in only a few minutes. And not only that but you will feel calm for the time you will have to perform an end of tenancy cleaning and you won’t be afraid of the inventory check-in list. So:

Don’t wait

This is the first rule of removing almost all kinds of stains and still the most common mistake is the procrastination and us deciding that we won’t disturb our happiness and tranquility this evening and we will take care of the problem tomorrow. Unfortunately, when it’s about stains and chair fabrics it’s definitely not the right tactics. So when you notice someone spilling something on the chair or a stain there, stand up immediately and try finding a solution. Here the times really matters, do not
waste it.

Remove the stains

There are some common stains like the wine one for example that will be easily removed with some spirit or a simple alcoholic drink. The tomato one if it’s fresh will vanish easily with some soap and water, but if it’s there for a long time, you could try with white vinegar or a fabrics detergent. A really nice idea is always to check if there is bleach in the cleaning products, because you will definitely not like a white area on your red chair, right? No matter what the stain is, always clean it immediately and then the odds are in your favor and you might succeed.

Clean frequently

The truth is that even if there are no stains on the fabrics on the chair (seriously?), they need some frequent care, because they accumulate not only dust, but some dirt and grime and even some smells. So there are many cleaning products intended for fabrics, choose one and go through all the chairs once a month.

Vacuum- or steam-clean every week

Normally we clean with the steam- or the vacuum-cleaner one per week, and we almost always focus on the floor only. Well, take your time and remove all the dust from the chairs, too. The final result will be more than amazing and those little pieces of furniture always so splendid.