The windows cleaning no one taught you how to perform

washing-windows-394158_1280There are some tasks that have always looked so easy and ordinary and the windows cleaning, for instance, has been part of your cleaning routine since you left your mom’s house so long ago that you can hardly remember. Right, what you sure remember is how she was cleaning the windows once every month, with patience and assiduity, with several special detergents and a windows cleaning tool that was more than modern in the old days. Yes, your mother was a fastidious person and you are one as well, so just like her you are taking care of the windows regularly and properly, simply well. However, there are some situations that are more than disappointing, there are some problems you are so unprepared about, that you are staying with the hands crossed and almost with tears in eyes, not knowing where to start from and what to do. The harsh reality is that you cannot be prepared about everything that might happen to you in life, it is completely impossible and you simply should face all the problems that occur, you have to cope with them and never, never give up. So don’t be too calm and confident, don’t have to high expectations and just accept the fact that even the ordinary windows cleaning might become a little bit more complicated.  

The glue

It is Christmas again, well, it is still November, but your mood is so festive that you are looking for decorations, you are spending hours in this section of the supermarket, choosing different things and then right after you purchase them all, you are back at home looking for some ideas online and making some DIY stuff and you end up then putting some things on the walls and the windows and all over the house. You are so damn happy in this moment, because this season delights your heart and makes your home so much cozier. The real disaster starts, however, when you are about to remove this whole decoration and you have to clean everything thereafter, even the windows. I will save you some time telling you that the normal windows cleaning detergent won’t do any work, so better mix some baking soda and water and apply this paste scrubbing on the glue stains so that they can come out.

The paint

You have just moved in your new home and it is so awesome, that you are overjoyed. You have hired a painter recently and the walls are now in the colors you like so much, but there is some kind of situation and you still cannot be that happy with your new house – the paint on the windows spoils the whole flawlessness. You need something strong, for sure, if you want these stains to vanish, so try with the hard water stain remover or the traditional acetone nail polish remover. These two are so magical that you will not realize how fast all the paint will be gone.